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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lunatic Enters Number 10.

That was the headline I saw when I rushed by a newsagents today. It was something along those lines and was on, I think, The Sun (junk).

My genuine first thought was 'He's been there for years'.

My genuine second thought was 'Has there been an election?'

It was only after considering the above that I realised they were talking about a guy that nearly broke in with a knife, or something.

I think I was right with the first thought actually. (And that's not even going into the appalling language which only feeds fear and prejudice against people with mental illness...)

Good photography-type news is that Schmap have used four of my photos for their Sheffield guide. Quite odd selections, but I'm not complaining!

I got a £50 cheque from yougov today. Marvellous!! They do surveys - some market research, a lot political - and it's taken a while to get to the £50 (which is when they'll send the cheque), but blimey was it nice to receive! The main reason I do their surveys, though, is that periodically the results of a survey you take part in get onto the news or the topical comedy programmes, and you can only exclaim "I DID THAT ONE!" and be joyous! (Small things may amuse small minds, but that's fine by me). So yey, £50, that will help pay my rent. Fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

you gov surveys rock! how long did it take you to get your £50? i think i'm on about £3.75 at the moment ... :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm about £6.50 on YouGov.....

I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that headline too!


Unknown said...

Becks - I think it took me about a year... not the way to make your fortune, but a cool way to earn a few quid I reckon.

And Claire, glad it wasn't just me!!