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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quiet Just Now...

My Quiet Just Now list in my blog roll to the right was getting ridiculously long. It's where I list blogs I have once read and loved, but which closed or stopped or faded or disappeared or flitted.

The list will now live in this post. For the foreseeable future, links may be added again to the right side bar, to be merged into one post again later should that become necessary.

But the list, up to now, is:

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    thermalsatsuma said...

    Crikey - there are some blasts from the past on that list! Actually, there's a *very* interesting story behind at least one of those disappearences ... :-)

    Anonymous said...


    It's Adam from The Flowfield Unity here. I just thought I should stop by and let you know what happened to the blog:

    It turned into a fully blown comic, you can see it in webcomic form here:

    and you can also buy the first anthology on the site.

    I still blog... a combination of livejournal, my site and the forums I host. It's all mashed together now... and I thought using pens and paper qualified me as 'multimedia'.

    All the best,


    Anonymous said...

    As far as Eccentric Bohemian Hermits is concerned, I'm hoping to regurgitate that very soon. Just waiting on Google to come back to me with my password, as I no longer have access to the registered email account.

    So, watch that space, as they say!