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Friday, October 13, 2006

To the Woman in the Opticians

who made me feel shit.

You might have been feeling all superior in your pretty, spot-free thinness, but that is no reason to make me feel utterly dreadful about how I was looking.

Your job is to sell glasses, and yet you decided instead to tell me how little each of the pairs I tried suited me, resulting in me not only not buying any, but also in me feeling unpresentable to the point of wanting to run and hide.

It wasn't your fault that the day I had a load of new spots coincided with my opticians appointment where I would have to look closely in a mirror a lot, to try on new frames. But it was your fault that your whole attitude and reaction to everything I tried on - even the ones I told you I liked! - made me feel horrible.

Please don't do that again. To anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Rarr at optician woman!
Totally unacceptable to behave like that.


Claire D

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and wonderful and I have always thought so and am proud to count you among my friends and furious to the point of being totally livid that anyone should make you feel so bad. Which opticians btw? I am going to girlcott them from now on. Love you loads, Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

I always make a point of buying the pair that look least like what they recommend. On one hand, it reminds them that some people are capable of completing the buying process without their intervention, on the other hand I am now the proud owner of the largest sunglasses this side of Deirdre Barlow.

thermalsatsuma said...

What a miserable cow!

I can recommend the Vision Express store in Meadowhall - excellent, friendly service without being pushy and they always make positive suggestions to suit you.

Unknown said...

Thank you! You're all stars.

Claire - thanks. With distance I'm more angry with her!

Caroline, it was Specsavers.

Steve, you will have to model them for me!!

And Neil, thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I know that you'll look fabulous in your specs when you get them :-)

Anonymous said...

I could have written this last month! This exact same thing.

My very, very first pair of glasses and I was SOOOOOOO excited (I've wanted glasses since I was 5 but my eyesight is such that I could fly jets for the airforce)...anyhoo....the lady in the shop was no oil painting herself but made me feel like something off the bottom of her shoe!

I kept picking the pretty, nice ones and she kept tutting and offering me hooge, black rimmed, Michael Caine stylee ones.....and massive (and I mean MASSIVE) Dame Edna horrors. To add insult to injury she said neither of those really did anything for me but they'd do since everything else was out of my budget!

Ahhhhhh, penny dropped. I was a poor person and she wanted me to feel bad about that.

I ended up not getting my 'close work' glasses and went to another shop and picked a cute pair of metallic purple ones with tiny cute!

So pffft to my nasty lady and **poke, poke** to yours :)

What goes around, comes around. They'll get their visit from Karma, don't worry :)