Friday, April 16, 2004

Bush, Lush and Personality Disorders

I can't decide whether this Personality Disorders poem is cute or offensive...

The world and the news are too depressing currently to comment on, so I will leave you with my latest poem :))

Lush and Bush

If George W. Bush
Ever visited Lush
I just know he would chill out so much

Poor countries he'd feed
He'd legalise weed
Following the footsteps of the Dutch.

With each bar of soap
He'd increase our hope
For a world with no fighting or war

All fresh and organic
He'd be the mechanic
Of justice, equality for all.

He'd melt in the bath
Enjoying the aftermath
Of all of his spending and giving

With a smile in his eyes
Amidst bubbles he lies
Knowing he just improved someone's living.

So go on, Georgie B,
Buy a bath bomb or three,
And help make the world a nice place

A refreshing quick shower
You'll use all your power
And abolish the nuclear arms race.

by me