Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson...

has been found... not guilty. What the fuck is that about????

I am so sick on hearing those verdicts.

I heard an interview on the radio with him a few minutes ago, in which he referred to himself as a black luminary. Where on earth do you start with deconstructing a statement like that?!

I hate him.

I cannot publish this post yet because of blogger errors. Don't know if the whole world is blogging the not guilty nightmare.

Great quote, though, from a woman from Kidscape who was on The World Tonight just now. If I had one thing to say to Michael Jackson, it would be for God's sake, stop sleeping with boys. Quite.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the Kidscape woman's quote... I'm still reeling from this picture I found on the Washington Post website.

On behalf of mankind!?? Get a grip. Jacko's fans are weirder than him.

Metatron said...

Unless you have some categorical evidence to support your disgust - and I'm going to go out on a limb here and state that I doubt this is true - then how exactly do you know that the decision was wrong? What is your hatred based on? Did you follow the case? Did you see the prosecution's "evidence"? Or does Michael just look a bit odd? Wow! I like your idea of justice. The prosecution failed to produce even the slightest sliver of credible evidence. All they had was hearsay from habitual liars, but you're certain he was guilty because ... ? What? Perhaps him being a man didn't fit in well with your feminism? Might I suggest you try acquiring the trait of objectivism? I wasn't aware that the average hippie sought the existence of a police state and mob justice by gut feelings, preferring it to due process. Learn something new every day.

Custard Spy said...

Metratron, sort yourself out! Consider this: would any other 45 year old man found to have been sleeping with children get away with it? Really? And for someone who wants an evidential basis for statements, please at least have the courtesy to READ Hippie's blog before you accuse her of making judgements on the basis of appearance (I don't believe the post made any reference to MJ's looks)or gender. In contrast, you've demonstrated your own tendency to do this with your facile assumption of "she's a feminist - she must hate Michael Jackson because he's a man"! Think about it. Learn something new yourself.

Anonymous said...

I concur. I don't see what Hippie's opinion on Jackson has to do with feminism, apart from the fact that Metatron obviously seems uncomfortable with both. I also suspect that he/she/it meant 'objectivity' rather than 'objectivism', but that's just the sort of slip people tend to make when indulging in their own subjective rants. They also tend to forget that they're on a blog - where strong personal opinions are to be expected - and consequently end up forgetting their manners. But that's just my opinion.

Taarna said...

I was appalled and disgusted with the verdicts as well. You are right when you said that there is very rarely ever any categorical evidence of sexual abuse, especially with children. The fact is that it's also very rare for people who allege sexual abuse to be lying. I listened to the prosecution paint the accuser(s) as troubled boys who drink and lie and are otherwise just wild. Being myself a victim of childhood sexual abuse and having worked with them and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, I can say for certain that that is sort of behavior is very common. A lot of children who were sexually abused in their childhood continue that self destructive behavior into adulthood. I am very, very saddened that MJ will have the chance to continue on his way. How long does it have to go on before people see him for who he truly is? How many boys have to be abused before he is stopped? He really needs help. He also needs a huge reality check. He needs to take responsibility for what he has done and face the punishment. *sigh* I could rant about this forever, but I'll save your eyes and stop.