Thursday, October 12, 2006

Alas, a Bastard.

So alas, a blog (I won't do him the dignity of providing a link), a supposedly pro-feminist male, has sold out to pornographers. Great.

See Fuckery and Betrayal, Alas, a sell-out, The Revolution will be Commodified, No, really, I'm a feminist, Alas, an eruption, alas, a blog, sold out to pimp my ride and many, many, many more.

You probably don't want to see what he has done, but if you do an example is here. Needless to say, he has been 'de-linked' from my right sidebar. I don't want to be partial to funding any of this shit by links from hippie blog.

What is it they call men who profit from women's sexual exploitation? Oh yeah, a pimp.

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Anonymous said...

Just spent all afternoon link skipping from the blog posts you linked to above.


Unknown said...

Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon!!

Does that mean you're off sick?

Anonymous said...

now what will happen

Small Aircraft Crashes Into New York City High Rise, Killing Yankees Pitcher Cory Lidle

Anonymous said...

Yeah, been off sick weds thurs fri.

Going back on Monday though :-(


mcbeth said...

alrighty, finally the privacy and relative confidentiality to ask this question that has plagued me for lo these many weeks...

What the heck is a MILF?

Unknown said...

Hi McB,

As far as I can gather, it's Mum I'd Like to Fuck.

Or something along those lines ;)