Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sheffield Women: Avoid This Man!

Z and I were enjoying a pub lunch this afternoon when I began to be stared at and leered at by a random male stranger. He was mouthing words to me, and stared constantly at me. This made me feel upset and intimidated, but I tried to continue as if nothing was happening, and I avoided catching his gaze as far as I could.

But no amount of ignoring seemed to discourage him and I began to get angry. Why should *I* feel upset and uncomfortable, when it's *him* being rude, arrogant, intimidating and a complete idiot.

How dare he?!

I started plotting and, inspired by sites like the fantastic Holla Back NYC - If you can't slap 'em, Snap 'em I got out my phone and took a photo of him with it. (The guy in question is the one sitting down, I've pixellated the entirely innocent guy walking behind him).

He realised what I was doing and looked duly horrified, and from then until we left the pub, he didn't even glance at me. I hope I scared him, like he had scared me.

And the photo is above. It's unfortunately not a very clear one, but still worth sharing, methinks. It makes me feel better anyway. Ha, you bastard.

Now, things to say to him:
How DARE you make me feel self-conscious? How DARE you make me feel like I should put a jumper on to cover up my barely-visible-anyway cleavage? How DARE you make me feel embarrassed? How DARE you scrutinise my movements and mouth sexual suggestions to me? How DARE you treat ANY WOMAN like a piece of meat? Whatever the fuck was going on in your head was YOUR problem and you made me feel like it was MY problem and MY fault.

You're a total idiot misogynist bastard and I actually hate you.

Don't do it again. I mean that.

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thermalsatsuma said...

Good for you!

As a suggestion, if you are getting hassle somewhere it might be worth mentioning it to the pub manager. If this guy is causing trouble on a regular basis then it is in their interest to bar him.

Unknown said...

Ooh, simultaneous commenting on each other's blogs!!

Thanks for the support! I did think afterwards that I should have pointed him out to staff, and should I ever encounter his unfortunate being again I certainly won't hold back.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I thought you were my long lost twin sister. My mother had us adopted out to different families at birth. What I was mouthing was - "Is it you Ermintrude? It's me Reginald!" When you got the camera phone out I was embarrased because I suddenly realised that you were not Ermintrude after all! How about a candlelit dinner for two to say "sorry". I know a nice Turkish restaurant on London Road...