Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rapist For Sale.

Oh - where is your sense of humour - it's only a toy!

Amazon is selling a rapist.

Rapist Number One is a character from Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse. The toy demonstrates the extent to which rape is taken seriously in our society. Sexual violence is a subject of play and entertainment. Amazon is obviously on the quest for rape-profits through this surrender to male porn culture. No doubt they will accrue much male approval, particularly from the little tikes who want to play at rape with their Barbies on the lounge carpet, giving them the enormous relief of being to act out in play, the vulgar and brutal little fantasies that roam around their peanut-sized brains.

Of course the arguments will be that it is just a toy and that even graphical depictions of rape and violence do not lead to actual violence. We don't accept the premise of such 'WeirdWorld' justifications because EVEN if that were true, it still ignores the fact that rape and sexual violence are being used as something to enjoy. Their arguments do not acknowledge the pure weirdness of someone who wants to think about rape and contempt of women as a way of enjoying themselves - HELLO, WAKE UP, THIS IS WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Living in a world filled with images and products which are all aimed at the titillation of the lowest, most base, males in society tends to grind us all down. Toys like 'Rapist Number One' operate below the level of language and act to normalise the sexual domination of women. Come on Amazon, you really don't need the profits from this rape-doll, so do humanity a favour and stop selling it.

"Grindhouse - designed as a tribute to the ultra-violent B-movie programmes of old - the trend officially reaches the mainstream. Made up of two films plus a clutch of trailers for non-existent movies, Grindhouse bombed when it was released in the US last month. American audiences were said to have been put off by the three-hour running time, and last week it was announced that Grindhouse will be released in a different format in the UK, the two films sold as separate features. Whether either film is any good is still up for debate - I, for one, found them both suicidally boring. What isn't in question is the disturbing attitude towards women in these films". (See full article The Guardian, 1st May 2007)

from Truth About Rape.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, how absolutely terrifying and nauseating. What the hell do they think they're doing? I have just emailed Amazon to complain. If they don't remove it from sale I am never ever dealing with them again. I'm going to write to my MP about it too.

Caroline (can't remember my bloody blogger password!) xx

Unknown said...

Caroline - I know - it's just hellish. Glad you've emailed amazon - I have, and I think lots of people are doing so so I really hope they actually do something about it.

Hope you remember your password soon. I know how annoying that is!

p xxxx

slowdown said...

That is so unbelievably crass. How could they fail to see the offense that would cause? And in Amazon's Toys and Games section?!! Jeeeez...

As well as complaining to Amazon (who should have caught this), it would also probably be worth complaining to the actual seller, a company called Midco Toys: (


Anonymous said...

I see they have changed the name now - possibly as a result of your action

See Amazon Site

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