Friday, July 20, 2007

Last night I heard

"Breaking news, Tony Blair is not going to be charged with..."

and I was devastated. How could they have ruled out war crimes charges so early on? When there is clearly so much we will not know for a long time. You can't rule it out already.

"...any offences over the Cash for Peerages row"

and I was actually relieved! Not that he's got away with anything over Cash for Peerages, but that maybe, just maybe, one day he and Dubya will share a grotty cell for many, many years.


Michelle said...

I agree, although I'm not holding my breath. I despair when I read of the billions of pounds this war has cost and yet Bush still maintains that we should give troops 'more time' etc in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I'd worry that they may enjoy sharing a cell rather too much. Bin Laden would need to be in there as well to make it much of a punishment. And Ariel Sharon, for sheer capacity to take up space.

Unknown said...

Michelle - I know, not holding my breath either. But a grrl has to have her fantasies...

Nella - I like your thinking. Definitely!