Sunday, August 05, 2007

Virtual Violence. Real Threats.

Do men feel threatened by radical feminists? By women getting together and talking, taking action, analysing and getting angry? By women making connections and vowing to be pro-women and anti-rape?

Or are these men just having some kind of fucked-up fun by threatening and hurting women and disrupting their lives?

Or are they both the same thing?

The Way Men Hate Us

Blogging While Female. Warning may trigger.


slowdown said...

That's so galling. These hackers are cowards and bullies.

I don't know enough about this, but if it was possible to track them down, is it possible to have them charged with anything, say criminal damage?

Anonymous said...

Do men fell threatened? D'oh! They are scared witless women may actually be able to survive without them. Which some may consider indicative of low self esteem......

Jill said...

How goes on and on and on....
Keep on railing!

Heart said...

Stopping by to thank you for having my back through all of this, hippie.


Midgetqueen said...

I just posted this on the womensspace blog; I'll repost it here (and yeah, I may be making myself a raid target just by posting this info, if they find it):

It was a classic /b/tard raid, y'all. 4chan is the absolute bottom of the cesspool of the internet.

More info on them here:

If you have a strong stomach, look 'em up. IMO, you got off easy. They also hit BB (at pretty hard right after she posted about her abortion. I dated a /b/tard for two years. I kind of was one for a while. True story. I have a pretty sick sense of humor, truth be told, but I have some common-sense boundaries.

NOTHING is sacred to them. For example, it's a running joke to post images of child porn/animal torture/worse, on their own message board mostly. They just post the CP to see how long it takes before moderators remove it.

Vile folks. Every once in a blue moon they do something that's actually funny. But that's about as rare as a pleasant-smelling fart after a chili cook-off with extra garlic and jalapeno. Usually, they just flood their own community, other groups' message boards, blogs, chatrooms and such with immature crap like they did to your community.

As to how to combat this, should it happen again to you or yours: do NOT respond openly. I've heard this phrase for as long as I've been on the Interweb: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. Don't feed their vitriol; don't let them know you're irked. It just encourages them. The aggression gets a thousand times more horrible for a while, but they eventually get bored and move on to the next victim. Delete the nasty comments, IP-ban, put all new user applications through a filtering process, do everything you can to safeguard against hacks and DOS attacks and other nasty such things. Be super computer and Internet savvy, and surround yourself with trustworthy friends who are, in case you need the help. I've seen these guys pull MUCH more reprehensible shit than they did with you. When it comes to computers, they generally know their shit well. And get educated--as much as you possibly can--on what legal recourses you have.

Oh, and be aware that there are droves and DROVES of people involved in these attacks. At any given moment, 24/7, there are thousands of /b/tards online. Mostly college-age guys with no maturity, no lives and too much time on their hands. (I say this knowing full-well that several friendly acquaintances of mine post on 4chan too)

Not everyone from there sucks. But the anonymous majority makes it hard to discern that fact.