Saturday, February 05, 2011

Speech Kinda Recognition

To see whether resting my left hand is helpful, I am trying out the Speech Recognition Software which came with Windows 7, as one of my main problems with my left hand now is typing.

I'm getting the hang of it. It's quite slow and frustrating, but more usable than I thought. But this morning, for fun, I put the headset on the radio speakers. This is what it made of the end of the Today programme and the beginning of Saturday Live.
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Renee said...

Hi.I found your blog under the 52 letters project and was hoping you could help us in our 2,011 letter project.We are trying to collect 2,011 letters from all around the's not just about getting the letters,but learning about other people and other countries,states,etc. We hope you can join to help us reach our goal...we are getting sign ups everyday,but have a long way to go. :) Please also help us spread the word if you can.Thanks!

incurable hippie said...

What a great project!

Carl Thompson said...

You should try Dragon Naturally Speaking - the newest version the better. It'll take some time to train it, but it's wonderful!


incurable hippie said...

Hi Carl,

I did look into Dragon but it's *really* expensive.