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Monday, September 05, 2005

100 Things You Might Not Have Known About Me (Meme alert...)

It could be the time of year, but 100 Things About Me memes are starting to appear.

1. I've just got broadband.
2. I think Lynne Truss is great
3. and I would also support her idea for a militant wing of the Apostrophe Protection Society.
4. Zinnia's blog often makes me cry.
5. I boycott Nestle and have done for 11 years.
6. My favourite fruit is raspberry.
7. or maybe fresh lychees.
8. I smoke rollies.
9. I sent my Christmas cards late
10. but for years until this year I didn't send any at all.

11. I'm scared of the dentist.
12. and spiders.
13. I have never eaten sushi. It scares me.
14. I started using the internet in 1995
15. when I came to University.
16. I listen to an awful lot of BBC Radio 4
17. and particularly love much of the Radio 4 comedy selection.
18. I started writing this 101 Things on the 12th December 2004 and have only just remembered (13th June 2005) that I never finished or published it.
19. I never know the difference between archaeologists and architects
20. and so I tend to call them archi-diggers and archi-buildings.

21. I also get mixed up between emasculate, emancipate and emaciate.
22. I was bullied at school
23. but hardly told anyone because I was embarrassed at being bullied by girls.
24. Today I have won a rare victory over an errant bank charge.
25. This has made me rather happy as I don't think it has ever happened before.
26. I wanted to be a professional flautist
27. until a heart murmur meant I had to stop playing the flute.
28. I am really struggling to think of things to say here.
29. I got 11 As and a B in my GCSEs.
30. I actually got an A* for German, which I did a year after my main ones

31. but I rarely tell people that because it looks like I didn't get A*s in my others
32. when in fact A*s didn't exist when I took my others.
33. I did my French GCSE age 14 and got the highest mark in the school's history
34. but I was never appropriately proud of myself for that.
35. I then went on to do a BA degree in French
36. but only because I couldn't do music because of no. 27.
37. My Confirmation Name is Maria.
38. Lack of Radio 4 is something that makes me question moving back to France. I would miss it too much.
39. But in virtually every other way, I really really want to move back to France.
40. I have just signed the Moses Must Stay petition.

41. And I think you should too.
42. I love eating tinned tomatoes on toast
43. and beans on toast
44. But otherwise I hate toast.
45. I do like marmite.
46. I was vegetarian for 11 years and vegan for 10 months
47. until I got seduced by a sign for hot chicken and stuffing sandwiches
48. and I have been a (virtually) unapologetic carnivore since then.
49. The first single I ever bought was Tiffany - I think we're alone now.
50. When I wrote number 13. it was true, but now I have eaten sushi and it wasn't as scary as I had thought.

51. I start lots of things but am crap at sticking to them.
52. and I hate that in myself. It makes me start to be scared of starting anything.
53. I hate lots of things in myself, but I like some too.
54. I want to start doing real-life volunteering again
55. though I'm not sure what I would want to do.
56. One of my hamsters was the star of a magazine a few weeks ago. He doesn't know this.
57. I am 28 years old.
58. Whenever I smell cut grass it makes me think of exam time.
59. I love the smell of sawdust.
60. I cannot bear bananas - eating, smelling or thinking about them.

61. I firmly believe that summer is the best time of the year for fruit, and eat as many raspberries as I can for the short period they're around and tasty for, without costing £way too much.
62. At the time, I felt guilty that I couldn't (single-handedly) stop the war in Iraq from starting.
63. I even considered going to Baghdad to be a human shield
64. and I still feel slightly guilty that I didn't.
65. I sometimes spend more time messing about with the template of this blog than I do posting in it.
66. It is almost 10 months since I started writing this list!
67. My dad has cancer, which terrifies me.
68. I am scared of my mobile phone.
69. I started reading the latest Harry Potter book this afternoon. It came out a month and a half ago.
70. I love, adore and worship Beethoven. Well, his music at least. He was a bit of a bastard.

71. Last time I went to the cinema I saw Planet of the Apes. It was dreadfully dull.
72. But it was on September 11th 2001. That meant I didn't complain too much about my wasted £3.
73. I only actually went as a favour for someone else, who had organised the trip and was upset that noone was going.
74. I came out as a lesbian when I was 19. Best thing I ever did.
75. Being sick terrifies me.
76. I drink an awful lot of Pepsi Max.
77. I kind of believe in karma, though I know I don't understand the true Buddhist meaning of it entirely. I just think it happens.
78. My three favourite films of all time are Amadeus, The Sound of Music and Shine.
79. I like coding html because it makes sense and has an order that not much else in life does.
80. I had a Quorn Minted Lamb Burger for lunch and it was really, really tasty.

81. I regret not buying the spinach that was drastically reduced in price yesterday.
82. The broccoli was good though.
83. I really like fresh vegetables. Except turnips, and of course sprouts (the Brussels variety.. beansprouts are lovely).
84. I used to make amazing soups.
85. My steamer is my kitchen gadget of choice at the moment.
86. I laugh a lot at the radio when I'm taking things too literally and they're using odd metaphors.
87. I used to prefer Just a Minute but now I prefer I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
88. I am a huge stand-up fan.
89. I don't know if I have repeated things in this endless list
90. and I'm slightly past caring.

91. I talk nonsense in my sleep
92. and apparently announced last night that I was falling out of a trolley in Safeway.
93. I consider myself to be a Recovering Catholic. It never quite goes away.
94. I have had periods of being very religious, and others of devout atheism.
95. I also spent a while at an Evangelical Church, but they were very scary.
96. I have been to Lourdes twice.
97. I used to live in Aix-en-Provence, which was an incredibly beautiful and sunny place.
98. There has only been one year in the last eleven that I haven't been taking psychiatric medication. That was when I was in Aix.
99. I try to walk 5000 steps a day, and to my surprise I frequently manage it.
100. I am really glad to have finished this list.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to find another Radio 4 addict below the age of 30... there don't seem at be many of us! I can't get out of bed without the Today programme. And I also got an A* at GCSE German, and because it was the first year A*s existed I was impressed :-) And I've always wanted to visit Lourdes...

Unknown said...

excellent list, I started listening to radio4 when I was 18 or so, I think I learnt more from it than anything else. My son now 18 is following in my footsteps. Love your blog - but your side bar is a bit screwy in my firefox

Garry Nixon said...

You'll need to go careful with that emasculate etc confusion.

And I'm with you on growing to like ISIHAC over Just a Minute. Though it's a close run thing. The latter was at its height when Kenneth Williams, Clement Freud, Derek Nimmo and Peter Jones were the regulars.

I spent most of last year abroad and missed Radio 4 like a family member.

asa©2005 said...

Glad to know you a little bit more. I especially can identify with nr 11 :)) I can imagine it was tough to write down 100 things about yourself.