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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Free for Sheffielders, Free for All.

To anyone in Sheffield - if you want a free compost bin, you can get one! Details here.

How to make compost.

Community Composting Network.

My Marvellous Compost Bin animation.

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Garry Nixon said...

South Tyneside council provided us with free compost bins, and they're better than nothing, but there's no ventilation and the compost is really wet. And it smells horribly of, well, shit.

But it looks lovely and black; I haven't tried it out yet, but my nose tells me it'll be very fertile.

Anonymous said...

My family is alllll about the compost. Everyone I mention it to around here looks at me like I've just landed and walked off a spaceship.

Anonymous said...


Composting could not be easier and just think of all the benefits!

You get that lovely 'black gold' after it's all been munched up, not to mention the pressure coming off of our landfill sites.

I've even got a mate who composts in his flat in one of those bins, because he hasn't got a garden - anything is possible.

Rot on.

Tracey Smith
National Downshifting Week