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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Where has the week gone?

Bloody hell, is it really Thursday? And I last posted on Sunday?? Shit!

I hadn't read my b3ta newsletter for weeks, but I did open this week's. Each week there is a photoshop competition, last week's challenge being to design movie posters of your own lives. My favourite entry has to be Gone With the Bins - One man throws away this week's TV Guide. Hehe.

Mental healthcare is failing is a good read from the Grauniad this week, as is Charities face conflict of interest.

My long list of very cool animations has been extensively updated this week. There was already lots of fun there, and there is now even more new fun there! Or something.

I'm really flustered for no reason at all. Must go and, umm, get less flustered hopefully. Hmmm.

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