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Friday, September 16, 2005

Women's Voices.

Travelling Punk and Ms Violet have had a great idea.

travelling punk says:
Women and men of the UK are forced to suffer every month with inferior reading material of the glossy variety. We want and deserve a good magazine with interesting features, ideas, inspiration, so let’s create one.

My half-hatched idea to set up a feminist magazine in the save vein as Bust and Ms. in the USA, but here in the UK, moved forward a stage when yesterday I actually told someone about it.

ms violet says:
You know what pisses me off?

The total lack of intelligent magazines for women available in the UK.

All of the monthlies/bi-monthlies/weeklies/crapplies look the same. Shit. Total and utter shit. And, god knows, if any one of these magazines were to even print the word 'feminist' - even in teeny tiny lettering - they would probably spontaneously combust into a massive fiery hell. Or that must be what the editors think, at least.
I'm getting fed up. I want to read a magazine. I want to be able to flick through a few glossy pages every now and then and read funny, interesting, insightful articles about issues that matter to me. And, quite frankly, if I have to walk past the magazine aisle one more time, grinding my teeth whilst biting my lip and trying hard to disguise the steam coming out of my ears, then I just may explode.

While I haven't seen much of them, I have heard less-than-positive things about the Bust / B*tch magazines, and so I'm not sure I'd be wanting to base on these, but the idea in itself is excellent. It also makes me think of Custard Spy who is an incredible, amazing and very articulate feminist :)

Quote of the Day:
"Even those of us who have tried to follow the war closely are not
aware of a fraction of the horrors unleashed in Iraq."
Arundhati Roy at the World Tribunal on Iraq, Istanbul, 2005.

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