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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blah-di-blah. Raar raar Raar.

I posted a very cool screenshot the other day, of Sky News (apparently inadvertently?) declaring that Bush is one of the worst disasters to hit the U.S..

Even better is that I now find out that snopes has declared it to be TRUE!

Choose Respect is an interesting article from The Guardian about mental health services, mental health problems, stigma and community attitudes and approaches. It is worth a read, here.

From FoE:
Less than a third of waste oil produced by the DIY motorist is recycled and the rest ends up polluting rivers, causing harm to fish, ducks and swans and removing vital oxygen from the water. The volume of waste oil from one oil change alone is enough to form a film over a 4 acre lake! So instead of pouring yours down the drain, find your nearest oil recycling bank at

Last week online I was very disturbed to read that the NUS (National Union of Students) National President, amongst others, are involved in a government campaign which will explain and justify how University education is funded - i.e. loans instead of grants, and tuition fees. This is an absolutely dreadful betrayal of all the students she and others are supposed to represent.

When I was at Uni I was in the last days of student grants, although I didn't get one. A lot of my involvement with NUS at the time was campaigning and lobbying against the abolition of grants and the introduction of larger and larger loans to make up the difference.

I was reminded of all of this when I was sent to a Study on Student Finances and Health. I don't think anybody would be surprised to hear that
A study investigating the link between student finances and health has found British students have more debt, more financial worries and poorer health than their Finnish counterparts (despite the countries having similar health standards overall according to WHO figures). In Britain, student tuition fees have been introduced and maintenance grants abolished. In Finland, by contrast, there are no tuition fees, and students receive grants and housing benefit.[...]read more...

It is so obvious. So very, very obvious. Education is a right not a privilege, poverty causes ill-health, tuition fees make education accessible for the rich and even less accessible for the poor than it already was. Raar Raar raar.

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TP said...

That screen shot of Bush is an absolute classic - Sky must be kicking themselves!

Regarding oil changes - there is almost no need to change your car engine oil, most cars can run on the same oil for three or four times longer than the maufactuers suggest. I know I don't change mine and it runs absolutley fine. Todays cars are much cleaner (hah) than in the past and they can cope.