Saturday, August 06, 2005

Just Imagine... (1)

These people...

They send you freepost envelopes, they send you pages and pages of drivel... What else to do, than a bit of honest collage...

'Imagine Finance are no friends of mine'

'Just imagine how your home may be repossessed'

'Thousands of our customers can not keep up repayments'

'Please hesitate before securing debts against your home'

'Imagine inconvenient payments'

continued... imagine finance part 2
Freedom Finance 2
Freedom Finance 1


TP said...

I love these
They're great
It kind of makes me sad I don't get any debt mail to subvertise!

What are your thoughts on subvertising charity direct mail? We get some crap back through the post in our freepost envelopes, somethimes it is debt free type stuff, or catalogues, somethimes it is BNP pamphlets.

Unknown said...


I don't tend to send junk back *to* charities in their freepost envelopes, unless they are offensive or scary!

But I often do put the stuff I get *from* charities into bank, loan, marketing, whatever envelopes to send back to the big scary people!

Glad you like :)