Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Two more women have been found dead in Ipswich. This is a fucking emergency.

They haven't confirmed yet that it is the two prostituted women who were reported missing, but it is looking likely.

Where are we? What can we do?

And why are the police telling women not to go out at night. Let's actually put a curfew on men going out at night. Any men out in the dark are suspected of wrongdoing - for a while at least - NOT any women out at night are asking for trouble.

If men can't be trusted to not be mass murderers, let's keep *them* inside, not us.

Angry? Yes.

(yesterday's post).

Murder Police Find Two More Dead - BBC
Two more bodies have been found by police investigating the murders of three prostitutes.

A woodland area around the village of Levington, near Ipswich, in Suffolk has been sealed off by officers.

Police said it is likely the two bodies are those of two missing women - Paula Clennell and Annette Nicholls.

The area is close to where the body of Anneli Alderton was found on Sunday. The bodies of Gemma Adams, and Tania Nicol, were also found near Ipswich.

Suffolk police officers were called to Levington shortly after 1500 GMT on Tuesday.

Ms Clennell, 24, and 29-year-old Ms Nicholls, have not been heard from since Sunday.

Det Ch Supt Stewart Gull said: "We can only fear the worst.

"The natural assumption is that these are the two missing women."

The body of Anneli Alderton, 24, was found in woodland at Nacton on 10 December. She had been strangled.

Ms Adams' body was found on 2 December at Thorpes Hill, Hintlesham, near Ipswich.

Police divers recovered the body of Ms Nicol, 19, six days later from the same stretch of water at Copdock Mill.

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Anonymous said...

*waves, wanders over*

Yeah here in Boston there were some violent stranger gang rapists wandering around about 2 years back, kidnapping women off the street or breaking into their homes and raping them there and the police response was... to tell women they shouldn't go anywhere alone in the coty of Boston during ANY time of day.
That's nice for unemployed women or women rich enough to hire an armed escort (well okay not really), but the rest of us are SOL, right? This is BOSTON, where for fully half the year anyone who works a standard 9-5 job must go home in the dark because the day is so short this far north. How could I possibly even avoid being out alone at night, let alone at any time at all?

Anonymous said...

Oh this is such bad news - but sadly not unexpected. The police are trying to be very PC on the radio and think they're being generous offering a temporary 'amnesty' but won't contemplate changing the law to make it safer for women to work.

Anonymous said...

Ipswich needs a RTN march inc.hip - and soon. Any idea who to contact to get one organised? There'd be a lot of UK support in a flash.