Thursday, January 18, 2007

Art in the Dark Park.

Last Sunday, Z and I went to an Art in the Park event in Weston Park.

After creating funky illuminated flowers we went round the new Weston Park Museum, and then I did some photography for my current assignment.

We returned to Art in the (now) Dark for what was by far the best bit of the day - a fire spinning performance. More fun photography was done, as you can see.

Lots of good learning about shutter speeds and aperture sizes ensued. Loving my camera :)

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thermalsatsuma said...

Fantastic pictures Hippie!

Anonymous said...

Hiya hippie

Thought I'd tag you with a meme, 'cos I just know there are five interesting things about you that you haven't let on yet!

Tara for now.

Anonymous said...


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