Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Fallout.

To whoever found hippie blog by searching for how can i find a pussy shot of spears without the spot shadow?, I am dumbfounded! As if seeing her genitals here, there, everywhere and everywhere else wasn't enough, you want to get rid of a shadow?? For fuck's sake, what do you think you are doing? Is your life really, really no more fulfilled than that?

Why do you feel this desire to ab/use women in this way, to expose more and more and more of them for your pleasure? Why do you think this is ok behaviour? Bastard.

I guess you might find it the answers here, perchance ;-)

I have been meaning, for a few weeks, to draw attention to a post from reSISTERance blog: British Soldiers Cleared of Rapes in Kenya.

She refers to a Times online article about the 'investigation' and report. Basically, 2187 Kenyan women reported that they had been raped by British army servicemen training there. The Royal Military Police has now reported that not one of those cases was genuine. Not one!

That's what happens, I suppose, when the army investigates reports against itself! Are they really, truly asking us to believe that 2,187 women have lied about this. All of them? More than two thousand?

I am as furious about this as I write, as I was when I first read the ReSisterance post. What better example of patriarchy and misogyny upholding its own rules do we need?

We *know* that the army uses rape as a weapon of war. We *know* that soldiers are more violent to their female partners than non-soldiers. We *know* that these people are being trained in aggression, in violence, in combat. Rape is part of that. We know this so well!

But the bare-faced cheek of these investigators, saving their colleagues' backsides by reporting that there are 2187 lying women, and that the blokes in the army were examples of perfection and never, ever, ever lie is just blatantly ridiculous.

The investigation by the Royal Military Police (RMP) has concluded that there is not one single case to answer out of 2,187 reported rapes. A team of 12 to 18 investigators spent ten months in Kenya between October 2003 and July 2004 and interviewed all 2,187 claimants, most of whom were Masai and Samburu tribeswomen from some of the most remote areas, where about 3,000 British servicemen train every year.

Working with local interpreters, the investigators deemed only 281 cases worthy of further examination. These fell apart on closer scrutiny and during follow-up interviews with other local people and former members of the Army in Britain.

“No corroborative evidence which will stand up in a UK court of law, and which might lead to a successful prosecution of any named individual, could be found to support any of the rape allegations,” a source linked to the investigation said.

Today’s report also exonerates senior British army officers who were on duty in Kenya at the time and to whom the claimants alleged they had reported the incidents. “There are no grounds to believe in any institutional acquiescence,” the report states.
(my emphasis). From: British soldiers cleared of tribal rapes after £3m inquiry finds forged records

Oh no, no grounds at all. Just the whole bloody report!

And do you know what else, the only place I heard about this was on reSISTERance. This was a case I was aware was ongoing, but nowhere else that I have come across has even mentioned that the Military Police have accused 2187 Kenyan women of lying. I've not heard it on BBC news or seen it elsewhere. Is this not worthy of publicity?

To the women in Kenya: I believe you. And you're not alone. Neither alone in having been raped, nor in having not been believed. It's part of the whole patriachal plan, you see, to be disbelieved and ridiculed boosts their power and their ability to do it again. The more women are disbelieved, the more they can get away with. But you are really not alone.

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Leia Organa said...

My goodness, I must get some sleep soon. I read "Frieda Quilter" as "Fried A Quilter" and was wondering what frying and crafts had to do with one another.

Aside from that, great links. :o)

Unknown said...

Oh no! Frying quilters is really mean!!

Chris said...

try taking a cooler look at it, you feminists see "rape" and automatically verify that it is true in your own minds. Thats what i hate about gut feelings...all you see is evidence pointing twards that. You dont "*know*" that rape is a part of isnt. I as "have you ever been through basic training?" no you probably havent, if rape WAS a part of war than all armies of all nations would be HIV-positive. The evidence you presented about Kenya said the reports were falisfied in the first place...
With Thanks,

Chris said...

ask** replaces "as" in: "I *ask* Have you ever...."

Anonymous said...

if rape WAS a part of war than all armies of all nations would be HIV-positive.

Well, maybe many of them are - how do we know?

This is the best blog I have seen since sparkle matrix! I will be a regular commentator - and the google bombs are fucking great - plus I loved the subversive "julie" and her links to nuts readers.

I would like to send a google bomb to someone I know - we can get them to look at our stuff just like we are forced (raped) to look at their visual representations of women as rape-objects. (rape, whether by conditioning, coercion, drugging, physical force, or a combination of all of the above.

Anonymous said...

"if rape WAS a part of war than all armies of all nations would be HIV-positive."

Sorry that should have been in quotes in my original comment!

Anonymous said...

"if rape WAS a part of war than all armies of all nations would be HIV-positive"

How do you work that out exactly? Ridiculous. You accuse someone of making judgements based on not having enough information, then do exactly that yourself, by concluding that if, as you think,no-one was raped here, no-one was raped as a weapon of war anywhere ever. It's an established fact that rape is a weapon of war, it has been for as long as we have records of wars! Take a look at Amnesty International or some UN information once in a while. And how you then make the further leap of reasoning to conclude that all armies of all nations would be HIV+...well, that's so ridiculous I can't think of anything to say!

(by the way, this is a comment on that comment and not on Hippie's original post, which was ace).