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Monday, October 24, 2005

10 Indisputable Facts for a Monday.

  1. New pillows feel really, really, really amazingly luxurious.

  2. However headaches hurt a lot and taint otherwise good feelings and thoughts.

  3. I have both of the above.

  4. I am confused by the hugeness of the bird flu panic.

  5. Z and I have been together for 21 months today :D

  6. ...which is a year and three quarters!

  7. These lists are always harder than they look.

  8. Absolutely masses of people are still sad that Scatman John died.

  9. Absolutely nothing is giving me the motivation to tidy my house today.

  10. There is no direct translation in French of procrastination. Last time I looked, the dictionary said something like Faire quelquechose demain qu'on devrait faire tout de suite. Hmmm.

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TP said...

Scatman John's DIED!

I still had my fingers crossed for a comeback.