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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Funny... Unfunny.

I am always disappointed by Quote... Unquote's very existence. It occupies the Monday 6.30pm slot on BBC Radio 4 when everyone knows that filling it with Just A Minute or I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is infinitely preferable.

And whereas the series of Just a Minute and Clue feel like they last about 4 weeks each, each series of Quote Unquote feels like it goes on for at least 26 weeks.

I did meet someone a few weeks ago who likes Quote Unquote, so it perhaps has one fan, but really that is all they have.

And, as Sunday 12pm slot is given over to repeating the Monday 18.30 comedy, the insuffrable corny and emollient nature of Quote Unquote is endured a second time. It thinks it is funny and it really is not.

I am glad to say that it is now 12.32pm on Sunday and so the repeat is over. Just another 18 hours until tomorrow's programme. :-/

(PS Has anyone else's gmail account become suddenly crap at spotting spam lately? I'm having to label most of mine myself even though it's so obviously spam...)

Spam is evil.

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Garry Nixon said...

Oh no. I won't have it.

I've been a fan of Quote...Unquote most of my life.

I'll grant you, it's not in the same league as ISIHAC or Just a Minute, but it's still a lot fun. And sometimes illuminating. What, exactly, makes you so opposed to it?

(I've had no gmail spam problems, btw).

Unknown said...

my gmail seems to keep missing odd bits of spam, the Russian is particularly odd. na dfrom Thusday on my blog

"Heard that one on Quote Unquote whilst washing up. I note however that the BBC has this programme listed as comedy.

That might not be true"

thermalsatsuma said...

Nigel Reese is an unsufferably smug git. The very conceit of the programme - quoting the wit and wisdom of other people rather than coming up with any wit or wisdom of your own - just shows how shallow it is. Mind you, it is still funnier than the Hudson and Pepperdine show ...

Caroline said...

You are lucky that you like Just a Minute - I can't stand it when Paul Merton is on it - we have a theory that he is Nicholas Parsons love child - how else to describe the favouritism?

SoundsEmerging said...

Hear hear re radio 4, what the flip are they doing with the comedy at the moment? I know a lot of people like Dead Ringers but I've gone off it a bit now (I blame the TV series). We want the News Quiz, The Now Show, ISIHAC goshdammit!!!!

Becky Vigor said...

The thing I hate most about Quote Unquote is when the panelists quote themselves. They think they're funny or profound but are usually not. It's like on Desert Island Discs when people choose their own music. I remember an opera singer who only chose her own songs. I just hate vanity I suppose.