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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Autumn Leaves, Lesbian Lies.

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This photo ---> I took in the park a few days ago.

Any other business:
Reading through my Snopes email newsletter I was, at first, amused to see that one issue which people submitted (which means they didn't know if it was true or urban legend) was,

The Weekly World News strikes again, this time with a tale about a lesbian mother who has scheduled her adopted baby boy for sex change surgery
It became less amusing when I realised that people really thought it might be true. That the level of homophobia and lesbian-hating in our society is such that people would actually believe that a lesbian would have her two-year old son 'changed' into a girl because she didn't like men. And so many of those people who believed it would also really want to believe it because it reinforces so much negativity.


I went to the Disability Benefits Conference yesterday and am intending to write an account of the day shortly. Suffice to say it was inspiring, exciting and exhausting.

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TP said...

Why would she adopt a baby boy and then pay for a sex change? Wouldn't it have been soooo much easier to adopt a girl instead?

If people fail to miss that and still jump to mad and daft conculsions about militant man hating lesbians they are stupid!

SoundsEmerging said...

I saw that page on Snopes too..the things people believe never cease to amaze me!!!