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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The nonsense, the whole nonsense, and nothing but the nonsense.

When Z woke up this morning I had been awake for a while, and I announced to her, with much indignity, that the Tory leadership contest had got even more ridiculous now that Richard Branson, Kenneth Branagh, and somebody else who I couldn't remember were all standing for the leadership position now as well as the ones we've heard all about for the last few weeks.

She looked so bemused that I considered what I had said, and asked, "Or did I dream that?"

She thought I had probably dreamt it. I was eventually inclined to agree that these guys couldn't be standing for Tory leader since they weren't even MPs.

But you never know?!

I also, while still asleep (I was later informed) asked her what the metal phone behind my head said on it, after coming out with several nonsense attempts at finding the word say (which I think included tink sink).

I do worry about myself sometimes.

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Taarna said...

Did I miss something? Do you have a girlfriend? If you do, I'm so happy for you!
Also: Kenneth Branaugh? That's pretty damn funny! When I was reading your dream, I had this image of him all done up like he was in Othello standing in Parliament trying to speechify.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Have you had many dreams that come true? We could be in for some strange changes in the political system...

Cream said...

For a second I really believed you about Branson and Brannagh!
I had to check the BBC.

Unknown said...

Taarna - yes indeed. Z and I have been together for, ooh, nearly 21 months :)

Caroline - you are right, the House of Commons could become really, really strange!

And Cream - I believed myself too, for more than a second! I was most upset!!

SoundsEmerging said...

Kenneth Branagh, i like it! Altho he'd prbably stand for noo labour.