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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Definitions and Maps.

Looking something up in my 1952 French-English dictionary, I came across the following definition, of bricolier, which wouldn't be out of place in The Meaning of Tingo!

BRICOLIER - Horse wearing a breast-collar and harnessed at the side to a two-wheeled carriage.

My favourite postsecret of the week has to be:

It also reminds me of zinkibaru's entry for Lost (mine is here). It also reminds me of how I feel, as if I needed reminding.

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zazzafooky said...

That PS post was my favorite too and was so well done.

SoundsEmerging said...

Wow I love that image.

TP said...

I though that was a great post secret, though very lonely and uncertain. I hope you're not feeling like that...

I will be lost soon, as I have to drive from Notts to Sheff for FEM05, I will have nowhere to park and I'm not yet sure where it is being held... I am so disorganised! Plue I have to be there at like half eight in the morning as I'm on cloakroom duty. Darn it!