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Monday, October 03, 2005

Found Poetry.

In what is now called
the common practice
period consonant intervals.

Perfect consonances
unisons and octaves
perfect fourths and
perfect fifths

Imperfect consonances
major thirds and
minor sixths
minor thirds and
major sixths

This is as would be taught
in a beginning.
Intervals such as the
perfect fourth
and the thirds
were once considered
forbidden dissonances.

Consonances used
freely and unprepared,
occurring on weak or strong beats.

Polyphonic cadences
requiring two voices,
created by successive dyads,
the first an imperfect consonance
on a weak beat,
the second a perfect consonance
on a strong beat,

such as a major sixth moving to an octave
(for instance, the major
sixth D-B
followed by
the perfect octave

(found here).

Found Poetry: n. The presentation of a borrowed text or found object as a poem or as part of a poem.

Found Poetry Against the War.

Found Poetry in Altered Books.

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